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Sunday, 31 July 2011


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I'm so sad I missed this concert. I absolutely love Ms Gheorghiu singing I Could Have Danced All Night. Her accent and pronunciation is so endearing!


It seems the videos I linked to/embedded have since gone to 'private'. Probably the poster was harassed for some breach of copyright. (Which, technically, of course it was, but I'm sure he only posted them to publicise the artists and bring pleasure to thousands - will there be a DVD, I don't think so, so what on earth is the problem?)


Thanks for your web site!! I believe that the concert 20/08 in Czech republic will be also so beautiful as in London. (Plácido sings with V. Tola.) I have a ticket since February even to 2 series!! and I look forward very, very much…...
But all depends on the weather, because the concert is not in a hall.


This is great indeed! yes they do not work, but I somehow prefer your 'plume' and exercised eyesight...
I am glad Placido Domingo was so good. I enjoyed his performance in Il Postino, probably because he was singing in Spanish and all what makes his charm was truer, in his own language, with his natural elegance. Thank you so much for these posts which take us to the event so vividly!

maria jose

What luck to have found this web site!. Thank you for the chronicle of the concert. I would like to have been there.
I like when you say "Two superbly good performers" "making people happy", I believe that the important thing is to enjoy the music.
(Gracias también por los videos del concierto, me dan envidia, pero bueno, a ver si algún día tengo el suficiente dinero para poder ver en vivo, en directo, toda la música que ahora veo enlatada).
Thank you!

maria jose

... and you say "and then the orchestra played the Intermedio from La boda de Luis Alonso, which we didn't know, but really liked".
I leave this direction of youtube that sure will you like,
Un saludo y gracias por la descripción del concierto.


Pláci, pictures - concert and banquet in Czech republlic, city Cesky Krumlov http://www.festivalkrumlov.cz/press/ke-stazeni/fotografie-2011


Of course everybody has his own taste and melodies can be performed in many ways, but it was the first time I ever heard the Tiberiu Brediceanu "La Seceris" and it was so beautifully sung, that it still makes me cry. Actually I am trying to get the music sheet so I can sing it one day as a solo in the choir that I am singing in. So maybe you only heard crappy versions/performances of it yet but this one was really stunning. But then the whole evening was marvellous. Placido though sang the two Zaruelas a bit slower then on his Zarzuela-CD, but still very impressive.

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