> Old Photos 1980s

Politics dept
Lake at sunset
Library and crocuses
Trent Tower
Tree at the lake
PB and Trent
That thing in Science City
Birds on the lake
Over exposed tree shot
Long lake shot
Portland building
Lake evening in June
On the way to Politics
Willoughby Close
Caroline and Miranda
Willoughby Hall to Music
View from Willoughby Hall
View across Highfields
Cherry Tree Hill
Politics, The Orchard
Downs, from Politics
Trent building and lake
Boating lake
British anchor, 1812 War
Sailing ship
Me at Mystic
Steam boat
Me on a Long Island beach
Trent Building and the lake
A tree by the lake
From the Empire State
Christmas Day
The lake
Portland Building
Birds on the lake
CND badges in the snow
Me and a lifeguard's boat
Student bedroom
Bedroom in Dunkirk
Me, dislocated shoulder
Form 5P
Lightning Tree
No racism