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Friday, 24 September 2004


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I assume he was aware of the risks when he made his decision to go and work there, if he wasn't he is a fool. Or was the pay packet a more important consideration.

It's the same as when you sign up for the Army and take the queens shilling, you sign up to fight for your country, not to sit at a desk and play computer games all day, you know the risks.

Callous yes but in reality would you be working there in the current situation?


I have to agree with you. I've wondered over and over what on earth foreign civilians are doing there. I try very hard to rationalise and consider they are there to help rebuild a devastated country. However, the daily news of constant unrest makes me grudgingly consider that as a nation they aren't ready to take the necessary steps to find common ground so that a rebuilding can begin. Having foreign peacekeepers and civilians only seems to exacerbate an already volatile situation. What a mess.


Good post. I don't have much sympathy for these hostages. It's only natural selection - one less idiot in the world - after all.

badly dubbed boy

I was thinking the same thing myself, but didn't quite have the guts to post it.

Then again, did you note he did have a nice young Thai wife in Bangkok to look after? Who's in Bangkok, and didn't seem particularly emotional in calling for him to be returned home ...

One, however, also has to assume that there is some reason why the Iraqis are not being hired for those construction contracts. Maybe the Iraqis know better than to get involved - or the Amerikanski aren't hiring them... who knows?


Whilst many Iraqi construction workers are jobless, they may not have the skill set he had. Iraqi workers need training and foreign expertise the same way many developing countries do.

These hostage takers are not helping Iraq by taking civilian hostages. But then one might think helping Iraq is not their intention.

The financial rewards surely are hansom. To compensate for the (very real) risk. It's a catch 22, as the more dangerous it becomes the more the financial rewards need to be to get people over there.

I agree he went into Iraq knowing the dangers, and such must accept the consequences. But to paint him as either stupid or a mercenary I don't think is entirely fair. And I don't think Iraq can rebuild without outside help or expertise.

What I have issue with is the expectation of the family that we must negotiate with the terrorist for his realise. This would be tantamount to declaring open season on any foreigners in Iraq and a dangerous president to set.


Wot Adrian said.

Yes, he knew what he was getting himself into, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be sympathetic. We all make choices (agreed) and the reasons behind them aren't always clear.

Best not to judge until the facts are known - and the way the press is these days they can be an AWFULLY long way away.

Blue Witch

Exactly, Gert.


As Adrian said, the skill set that foreign nationals can provide is often missing in these situations. Hence the salaries are necessarily commensurate (Bigley's is reportedly in the region of £130,000) with the risks involved. Particularly unfortunate in this case is that the owner of the house he was renting was seemingly warned about the consequences of his property being occupied by foreign nationals but didn't investigate and alert Bigley.

That said, it's the relentless press coverage I find tedious and totally out of proportion. While I have a degree of sympathy for the family, it's basically a story about someone who of his own free will made a choice and decided to take a risk that didn't pay off. If he was a soldier he would arguably have been at greater risk and paid much less for his trouble. Broadcasting House yesterday morning gave a huge long list of hostages from other countries that are currently being held. Do we hear about them? No.


I've got a fantastically tasteless post about Iraqi Head Collectors lined up, but have postponed it on grounds of sensitivity. Oh sod it, come what may, it's going up tomorrow.


No folks, it's not materialism, it's called "financial success." As long as the work you do is not illegal or immoral than more power to you if you make good money. Mr. Bigley did nothing wrong, he just worked at a well paying job and every one here would jump at the chance to make the bucks he made(though probably not in Iraq.)I can take materialism anyday over the lack of compassion for Mr. Bigley that I have seen on this board. Geez, I've seen rattle snakes with more sympathy than you people.

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