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Sunday, 02 February 2003


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That was a very well worded post! We Americans tend to take sooo much for granted (Shhh! don't tell anyone I said that, or surely *Homeland Security* will come and get me!! LOL)
I have always been fascinated by the Middle East....mainly for the antiquities that you mentioned.
I soooo envy your recent trip....sounds like you had a great time. (Hey! Where's my postcard???!!)


if the BBC respond, can we see it? Did anyone get the creeps, watching the footage of Bush reciting "the shuttle is lost. there are no survivors," as if he was on the set of a film?


Yep - Bush rated almost as high as he ever has on my own personal creep-o-meter.

Mind you - he's got a lot of competition at the moment. Dear old Geoff Hoon is suggesting that all those antiquities might actually end up being nuked.

Tangentially - I visited the Pergamon Museum in Berlin last year, and it's amazing - they have the reconstructed Altar of Zeus and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon there, and I've never been anywhere that so absolutely captured a sense of antiquity for me. I know that this stuff being in museums so far from its origin isn't strictly a good thing, but at least it will be preserved.

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