> Goa

Road out of town

Road out of town

The edge of Calangute

This finally brings an end to the photos from Goa. It wasn't the best holiday ever and I was rather bored when editing the photos. If I was going again I would be far more independent, take a risk to hire a scooter, despite the insurance problems, and get out and about more.

As cheap package holidays go it wasn't particularly cheap, and I think the area has a lot to learn if it wants to play that market. It's far too spoiled now to be a retreat, hippy or otherwise.

I have to conclude that Calangute is Benidorm and so much of the rest of the area is just too touristy. I never kidded myself for a moment that we were in the real India - except when confronted by absolute poverty - and if I was going to India again, I would choose somewhere different.

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